Month: August 2018

Armenians in Scandinavia – Not So Many

One of the activists of the Armenian commune of Riga, entrepreneur Gagik Zakharian returned home after a long tip. This is what he told. “Is spent four years in Sweden. I returned to Riga and wanted to share my impressions of that country and of the life of the Armenian commune, especially of one of

The Diocese of Ukraine – Armenian Apostolic Church

Polish sources write that the first Armenian church in Lviv established in honor of Saint Anna was built in the city’s Pidzamche district in 1183. Initially, the building was made from wood. It apparently burned down or decayed, so a new church was built in 1240 in its place. In 1363, it was rebuilt in

Goshavank – The Khachkar of Master Poghos

One of the works of master Poghos, a khachkar (cross-stone) of astounding beauty, is kept in Goshavank. Goshavank (Monastery of Gosh) is located in the village of Gosh, in the picturesque mountains of Tavush Province, Armenia. Armenian scholar and priest Mkhitar Gosh was the one who initiated the construction of this fine architectural complex. Among

Trojan War and Armenians – Unknown Pages of History

“The troops advanced, and the ground as if flamed up; Dol groaned as if under the rage of the god, the thrower of lightning Zeus when he casts thunderbolts over the head of Typhon onto the lands, The Arimon mounts where the lair of Typhon is told to be; So deeply groaned the land under

Shadow of Ararat – Spanish Documentary About Armenia

On February 10, 2017, the documentary “Shadow of Ararat” by Spanish director Miguel Ángel Nieto was premiered in Madrid, Spain. This film shot with the support of a patron of Armenian descent tells the story of Armenia and its people. “Only 30% of all the Armenians live in Armenia. The other 70% live beyond the

Tonino Guerra – Armenia Has Completely Changed Me

We offer to your attention a fragment from the film “Autumn of the wizard” by directors Ruben and Vahe Gevorkiants dedicated to late Italian poet, writer, and screenwriter Antonio “Tonino” Guerra. “Armenia is the only place that has changed me. Completely, I would say. I, of course, have seen the wonders of the world and

Lavash – A Savior Bread

Someone once said that everything genius is simple. As simple as lavash, the Armenian kind of bread. This wonder of nature as thick as a parchment was invented in the Armenian land and spread all around the world along with Armenian travelers. Today, it is very difficult to find a place where lavash wouldn’t be

Gandzasar Monastery, Artsakh – An Unexploded Shell by the Wall

The inscription on the outer wall of Gandzasar monastery reads: “The church was gunned on October 29, 1992. Unexploded shell. Do not touch.” As a result of a deliberate bombardment by the Azerbaijani long-range artillery and air force during the Nagorno-Karabakh War, Gandzasar monastery was severely damaged. On January 20, 1993, the monastery was subjected

The Armenian History is a Continuous Cultural Memory – Frank Viviano

“The contemporaries of their ancient ancestors were the Hittites, Phoenicians, Phrygians, Lydians, Chaldeans, and Medians. All those nations have long disappeared, but the Armenians still exist. Traveling around Armenia, I was increasingly understanding that my trip essentially was a study of a centuries-old drama and of a sequence of disasters and rebirth, which reminds of

The Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church

The Artsakh diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church incorporates the whole territory of the Republic of Artsakh, as well as its surrounding historical Armenian lands that have been artificially included into Azerbaijan in Soviet years. The throne of the diocese’s archbishop is situated in one of the largest Armenian temples Surb Amenaprkich Cathedral (Holy Savior

Armenians in World Cinematography – Artsvi Bakhchinyan

The first Armenian film was shot by Vahan Zardarian in 1912. The founder of the Iranian cinematography was our compatriot Hovhannes Ohanian, while the producer of the first Lebanese film was Harutyun Tyurapyan. Many other similar facts are presented in the 2004 book “Armenians in world cinematography” by Artsvi Bakhchinyan. The nearly 700 pages of

Armenian Mulberry – The Peacemaker Tree

During one of my trips to Armenia, I visited my friend Manuk. It was summer at the time. We entered his small garden, and Manuk lead me to a tree with a lush crown. “Try them”, said he, carefully collecting dark-violet mulberries. My lips turned violet from the fruit, but I couldn’t stop eating: the

The Spiritual Fever of Kim Bakshi – Love Towards Armenia

In the book “Resurrection of Saint Lazarus”, Russian writer Kim Bakshi writes: “I call such a sudden burst of love towards Armenia ‘the effect of Byron’, as if this repeating phenomenon truly has a physical nature. This is a kind of a spiritual fever that embraces an individual, possibly for the rest of his life.”

Composer Arno Babajanian – A Man in Love with Life

Poet Andrey Dementiev once said: “I have worked with Babajanian quite a lot. He was so in love with life, there was so much humor and humanity in him. His music was begotten by his kindness. He had an intuition for the beautiful. Arno Babajanian remained a composer of light and joy.” Arno Babajanian was

The Khanasor Expedition – No One Can Shed Armenian Blood Scot-Free

At the end of the millennium, the “wheel of history” devastatingly drove over the Armenian Highlands, reshaping its political map and wiping out the half of the Armenian people. The other half survived, partly thanks to the appearance of certain fateful individuals. About a century ago, Armenian oculist Kristapor Ohanian published his book named “Causes

Urts Ridge, Armenia – Three New Caves Discovered by Speleologists

Group of Armenian-Italian speleologists discovered three new caves in Armenia. The discoveries they made in the territory of the Urts Ridge in Ararat Province and in Sisian in Syunik Province excited even the most seasoned speleologists. Italian geologist and speleologists Rosario Ruggeri – who had studied numerous caves in Vayots Dzor and Tavush Provinces –

Joe Manganiello – “I am Half-Armenian, Half-Sicilian”

Recently, the Time magazine recognized Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara as the most charming and discussed couple in Hollywood. Vergara and Manganiello met each other in May 2012 at the MTV Movie Awards ceremony. Vergara would afterwards admit that she had instantly became attracted with Manganiello. They met for the second time in early 2014