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Massacre of Armenians in Baku – 1905 – Deja Vu

Armenian–Tatar (Azerbaijani) Massacres of February 1905

Clashes between Armenians and those who used to be called Caucasian Tatars (now known as Azerbaijanis) occurred in Baku on February 5, 1905. The public, especially revolutionaries, would accuse the Tsarist government of Russia not only in inaction during the clashes but also in deliberate incitement of the encounters. It was stated that the Russian …

Tamerlane and Geghard Monastery – The Legend of the Spear of Destiny

Tamerlane and Geghard Monastery

A 14th-century Turco-Mongol conqueror Tamerlane has achieved outstanding military success, conquering vast territories. However, he was yet to conquer Armenia. And thereby, he decided to invade this country of mountains. Upon arriving at the Garni Gorge, Tamerlane ordered to set up a camp and sent scouts to investigate the surroundings. In the morning, one of …