Day: August 6, 2018

Zabelle Boyajian – Armenian-British Painter, Writer, and Translator

70 years ago, Zabelle Boyajian, the daughter of Thomas Boyajian, the British Vice-Council in Diyarbakir and Harput, and Catherine Rogers, the descendant of an English poet Samuel Rogers, translated and published the epic poem Abu Lala Mahari by Avetik Isahakian in the US. Armenian painter, writer, and translator Zabelle Boyajian was born in 1873 in

The Defense of Sasun – Western Armenia, 1904

In 1904, the Ottoman government determined to exterminate the Armenian population of Sasun, an Armenian-populated district in the former Siirt Sanjak in Bitlis Vilayet. In spring, Kurdish groups attacked the Armenian villages of Khiank and Khulb but were repelled by Armenians. Thereafter, 10,000-men Turkish and 5,000-men Kurdish troops marched through the villages of Kop, Semal,