Day: August 18, 2018

The Ashkharhs of Greater Armenia

Ancient Armenia consisted of administrative units called “ashkharhs” (“world” in Armenian), which could be deemed analogous to modern states. Each of the ashkharhs had broad self-management capabilities. Essentially, an ashkharh was an autonomous monarchy with its own ruling dynasty, culture, cuisine, traditions, and dialect of the Armenian language. The significant differences in the traditions and

Yeghishe – Teachings of Creation – 5th Century

“After the dissolution of the unified language, a beauty formed: the tender Greek language, the acute Latin, the threatening Hunnish, the beseeching Syriac, the luxurious Persian, colorful Alanian, the mocking Gothic, the Egyptian that as if comes from a secret place, the chirping Indian, and the tasteful Armenian that could collect all the languages in