Day: September 19, 2018

Ancient Sources About Armenia – Artak Movsisyan

The first known historical information about the Armenian Highlands is contained in Sumerian cuneiform records dating back to the 18th-17th centuries BC. These records mention an early state formation called Aratta. The name “Aratta” is identified with Ararat and is considered its pro-form. This is evident from the comparisons of Sumerian and biblical stories about

Grigor Tatevatsi – A Bright Figure of Medieval Armenia

On the rocky edge of the Vorotan gorge stands one of the most remarkable examples of medieval Armenian architecture, Tatev Monastery. The former nearby settlement of hermits, the followers of Eustathius – the disciple of the Apostle Thaddeus – was a particularly famous place. Valuable Christian relics have at some point been kept here. The