Day: September 20, 2018

From the History of the Emergence of Crypto-Armenians

According to History Professor Salim Cöhce from the İnönü University in Turkey, about 600 thousand Armenians, mostly children, were converted to Islam only in 1915 – 1923. Those Armenians should now have about 4 million descendants in Turkey. According to Italian Professor Giovanni Guaita, at least 150 thousand Armenians, also mostly children, were converted to

Mher – The Son of Aramazd – Armenian mythology

In the Armenian mythology, Mihr – Mher – Mitra is the god of the heavenly light and sun, the son of Aramazd. In Ancient Armenia, there were several temples dedicated to Mher: a temple in Bagharij (now in Turkey), the altar “Mheri dur” (Armenian: “the door of Mher”) in the mountains near the city of

Tiran, King of Armenia – Son of Khosrov III the Small

After the death of Khosrov Kotak (Khosrov III the Small, reigned 330 – 339 AD), Roman Emperor Constantine II recognized Khosrov’s son Tiran as the ruler of Armenia. However, the son of Tiran Trdat and grandsons Gnel and Tirith still remained in Rome. Their life was under threat. Tiran made all the effort to maintain