Day: September 21, 2018

Tens of Thousands of Grottoes and Caves in Armenia

Many wonders are concealed within the rock formations of Armenia. Speleologists have thoroughly examined separate cave structures, but there is undoubtedly more large-scale research ahead to do. Only in the territory of modern Armenia, the number of rock formations – canopies, niches, grottoes, and caves – varies between 10-15 thousand. And in the initial period

Nelson Stepanyan – Twice a Hero of the Soviet Union

Nelson Georgievich Stepanyan (March 28, 1913, Shusha – December 14, 1944, Liepaja) was a Soviet Armenian Il-2 aircraft pilot and twice a Hero of the Soviet Union. Before his military service, he graduated from the Transcaucasian Military Preparatory School (1930) and then from the Bataysk Military Aviation School (1935). From 1935 to 1938, Stepanyan worked