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An Amazingly Mysterious Fortress from the Kingdom of Van

An Amazingly Mysterious Fortress

The fortress Chaush Tepe lying in the vicinity of Lake Van in modern Turkey is currently being investigated by archaeologists. The fortress is built from virtually perfect stone blocks going down into the earth. Archaeologists haven’t yet reached the base of the fortress. However, the small area that they have already unearthed amazed many researchers. …

Vakifli – The Only Armenian Village in Turkey

Vakifli – The Only Armenian Village in Turkey

The present-day inhabitants of Vakifli, the only remaining Armenian village in Turkey, are the descendants of those who resisted the forced deportations in 1915. Living on the slopes of Musa Dagh, the Armenians of the six local villages have for 53 days repelled the attacks of the Turkish army until being evacuated by French warships. …