Month: November 2018

The Mythical Russian Investments in Armenia

On many Russian TV channels, deceitful “political scientists” and some “Armenians” are claiming that Russia feeds Armenia with huge investments. Do not believe this lie, it is better to check actual information. In November 2017, Investments from Armenia to Russia exceeded the investments from Russia to Armenia by $88 million. That is, money from Armenia

Cher – I Am Really Armenian

Cher (Cherilyn Sargsyan) is one of the few female singers and actresses who won the Oscar, Grammy Award, Emmy Award, and 3 Golden Globes, as well as the only performer in history whose songs ranked first in the US charts for five decades. In 1993, Cher visited Armenia, bringing with her humanitarian aid. “I was

Winston Churchill – When Turkey Attacks Russian Armenia

When Turkey attacked Russian Armenia, the Tsarist government, fearing that the defense of the Caucasus by the Armenians would fuel the nationalistic ambitions of the Armenian people, sent 150 thousand Armenian soldiers to the Polish and Galician Fronts and moved other Russian troops to the Caucasus to protect the Armenian population. Of these 150,000 Armenian

Henry Ford to Alex Manoogian: “Young Man, You Will Go Far”

Alex Manoogian presented the world with the first single-handle faucet. Today, the whole world uses the brilliant invention of the Armenian philanthropist. At the very beginning of this career, Manoogian made his first large orders for Henry Ford, for which Ford praised him: “Young man, you will go far.” This phrase has become prophetic. In

Fridtjof Nansen in the Orphanage of Alexandropol – Soviet Armenia – 1925

In 1925, during a visit to one of the orphanages in Alexandropol (Gyumri) in Soviet Armenia, Norwegian scientist, diplomat, and humanitarian Fridtjof Nansen became acquainted with the conditions of child care. The High Commissioner of the League of Nations for Refugees at that time, Nansen arrived in Armenia to study the issue of accommodating Armenian

Rallies in Yerevan in 1988 – Photo Report by Ruben Mangasaryan

Since 1987, many thousands of rallies in support of the Armenians of Artsakh have regularly gathered at the Yerevan Opera, the Armenian Genocide memorial complex, and in other squares of the Armenian capital. The funerals of the victims of the conflict in Karabakh turned into rallies. One of the main characters of the rallies was

No Need to Show Our Art to Anyone – Komitas

“At first, Komitas believed that if the world recognizes us and our culture, it will come to our aid and stand up for our defense. He wrote letters with similar content to Arshak Chobanyan. But later, Komitas became convinced that no matter how highly the world valued your art, it can quietly close the eyes

Turkey is Grateful to Russia for the Support – Historical Deja Vu

In February 2017, after the seizure of the Syrian city of El-Bab by the Turks, the adviser to the Turkish President İlnur Çevik expressed gratitude to Russia on behalf of the Turkish government, stating: “Turkey is grateful to Russia for its support in taking the Syrian city of El-Bab. Without the support of Moscow, Ankara