Day: November 3, 2018

In the Country of Hayk – Through Hayots Dzor to Mount Nemrut

“In this very country, passing through Hayots Dzor, an Armenian recalled his ancestor Hayk and his struggle with the titans. He showed Mount Nemrut to his sons where our ancestor Hayk had raised the body of the defeated Nimrod. And, to show the arrogance of this titan to his country, he nailed his corpse to

The Legend of the Pigeons and the Mystery of Hovhannavank – Armenia

Tamerlane’s troops repeatedly raided Armenia, as testified by many legends. One of them tells about what the Armenian people living at the foothills of Mount Aragats had to go through. We will talk about the monastery of Hovhannavank. This particular legend says that the abbot of the monastery, having learned about the approaching hordes of