Day: December 5, 2018

Andrey Nuykin – “My Pain is Karabakh”

The book “My Pain – Karabakh” by Andrey Nuikin describes how a group of Moscow writers, driven by notions of justice and duty, arrived in Stepanakert in February 1991 and witnessed the offensive actions of the troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of USSR. Along with the people of Karabakh, the writers were humiliated

King Aram – Tamer of 7 Wild Horses

King Aram reigned several millennia ago. Historian Movses Khorenatsi wrote: “It is said about Aram that he accomplished feats in triumphal wars and expanded the borders of Armenia in all directions. All nations began to call our homeland by his name.” The Armenian people have made up many legends about Aram. And the older a

Graham Hancock – The Ancient Observatory Karahunj is 12.000 years old (Video)

Recently was presented the film “Karktik” (Քարկտիկ, Qarktik) by director Nikolay Davtyan. The film describes an interpretation of the ancient Armenian game Karktik, as well as presents studies and remarkable data about Armenian ancestors and their knowledge. According to the authors of the film, what is shown to the audience is not an exaggeration. Rather,