Day: December 6, 2018

Sos Nurijanyan – The Fate of the Defender of Brest Fortress

Sos Nurijanyan was one of the defenders of Brest Fortress who would meet a miraculous fate. On June 22, 1941, the fortress became the site of the first major clash between the Soviet and German forces. Nurijanyan was in the fortress on that fateful day. While the fortress held out longer than the Wehrmacht had

Vahram Pahlavuni – A Terrible Day for the Roman Troops

In 1041 – 42, the Romans attacked Armenia twice. The second time, the Armenian troops had no commander. Left unprotected, many Armenian regions were conquered by the Romans. Great devastation fell upon Armenia. The Roman troops approached the royal city of Ani and set up a camp in front of its gates. The remnants of

On The Scaffold for the Dream of Independent Armenia – Istanbul 1915

June 15, 1915. Another tragic and at the same time glorious date in the history of the national liberation struggle of the Armenian people. On the Beyazıt Square (Istanbul), twenty leaders of the Hunchak revolutionary party led by the famous tribune-revolutionary Paramaz (Matevos Sargsyan) ascended the scaffold. They were arrested on July 12, 1914, for