Day: December 7, 2018

Ara Yeritsyan – Risking His Life to Save Jews

After seeing a huge number of Jews sent to Auschwitz from Hungary, Ara Yeritsyan (Jeretzian, February 23, 1918 – January 1, 2010) came up with a cunning scheme: he organized a clinic in a house that was protected by the Swedish embassy to hide Jews. Then, Ara Yeritsyan used his connections with the party “Arrow

Rustam Raza – Armenian – Napoleon’s Mamluk

No matter where Napoleon Bonaparte went to bed – in the Paris Tuileries or in the royal palace in some of the European capitals – Mamluk Rustam always stood a guard near the doors of his bedroom. Rustam as a teenager had been acquired by Napoleon in Egypt from Sheikh El-Bekri in August 1799. By

Client Armenia in the Period of Rome’s Henchmen

After the death of Tigran IV, the Artashesid dynasty ceased to exist, but Rome did not dare to complicate their relations with Armenia. Emperor Augustus (reigned in 27 BC – 14 AD) realized that attempting to expand his empire could bring unpredictable and negative outcomes. He was content with the existence of a system of