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The Smyrna Massacre Was Carried Out on Russian Money

The Smyrna Massacre

In his book “Armenia between the Bolshevist hammer and the Turkish anvil”, the last prime minister of the First Republic of Armenia Simon Vratsian wrote: “The causes for the fall of Armenia’s independence were not internal but external. The Republic of Armenia collapsed under the coordinated strikes of the Turks and Bolsheviks. Most of all …

Tseghakron – The Highest Value is Nation

Tseghakron - The Highest Value is Nation

Tseghakron (Armenian: nation’s religion) declares the highest value – the own nation. The cult of a nation – that is, the worship of values, shrines, and qualities of one’s own kind – is an essential part of Tseghakron. Within the cult of nation, there are 7 separate cults: 1. The cult of the motherland. The …