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“I Am Not a Nationalist” – Andranik Ozanyan

"I Am Not a Nationalist" - Andranik Ozanyan

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the passionate patriot of Armenia became the epic hero of many nations. Andranik of Sasun was not a narrow nationalist: he saw a healthy potential in the union of the Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox peoples that could put violence to a stop. The general said proudly: “I …

The Armenian Community in Dhaka Gave the City a Special European Charm

The Armenian Community in Dhaka

“Turkey denying its crimes seems ridiculous to me,” writes architect and architectural historian Adnan Morshed in an article published in the English Bangladeshi newspaper “The Daily Star”, “Ankara recalled its ambassador from Berlin after the resolution of the Bundestag on the Armenian Genocide. A familiar story, isn’t it?” After all, after the execution of the …