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Soviet Army Against Armenians – Yerevan 1990

Soviet Army Against Armenians - Yerevan 1990

We present to your attention rare footage of street battles that took place in Yerevan in May 1990 between Armenian fighters and the 7th Soviet Army. To imagine the picture of those events, we need to remember that at that time, military operations were already taking place in Artsakh (Karabakh). The Soviet army sided with …

Erzurum and Van Are Suitable for Expansive Settlement by Russians – Alexander Krivoshein, February 1915

Erzurum and Van Are Suitable for Expansive

In the spring of 1916, the United Kingdom and France signed the secret Sykes-Picot agreement on the division of the territory of the Ottoman Empire. Under this treaty, after the war, Russia, in addition to the Straits and Constantinople, would receive entire southwestern Armenia and a part of northern Kurdistan. Britain planned to seize Palestine …

Armenian Commander Theodore Rshtuni

Armenian Commander Theodore Rshtuni

Theodore Rshtuni fought for the independence of Armenia from the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire and Sassanian Persia. He was appointed by the Arabs as the supreme ruler of Armenia, Iberia (Georgia), and Albania of the Caucasus. In 639, he became the prince of united Armenia and remained so until 643. In 641, Catholicos of All …