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The Plain of Mush – Msho Dashter

The Plain of Mush - Msho Dashter

The Mush plain is a small fertile plain situated in the middle reaches of the Aratsani River (Murad) where it connects with its tributary Meghraget (Karasu). “Msho Dasht” (Մշո դաշտ) means “Mush plain” in Armenian. According to an ancient Armenian legend, goddess Anahit loved to swim in the waters of the Meghraget river at night. …

Armenian Philosophers of the Early Medieval Period

Armenian Philosophers of the Early Medieval Period

Among the most renowned medieval Armenian philosophers is Yeznik Koghbatsi (5th century). Koghbatsi, a representative of apologetics, was a student of Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of the Armenian national writing system. Together with him, he translated the Bible and many philosophical works into Armenian. Koghbatsi was educated in the Byzantine Empire. He knew Syriac, Greek, …

Armenian-Assyrian Union in the Struggle for Existence – 1918

Armenian-Assyrian Union

In March 1918, the Armenians of Van disappeared completely. Fiercely pursuing Armenian refugees fleeing from Vaspurakan to Persia, Turkish troops crossed the Turkish-Iranian border and invaded Atrpatakan. The Van Armenians managed to get to Salmast (a city in Iran). The local Armenian military council announced a mobilization and urged 18-40 years old Armenians and Assyrians …