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The Ancient Arsacid Dynasty

The Ancient Arsacid Dynasty

The ancient Arsacid royal dynasty was founded by Parthian King Arsaces I in 250 BC. The Arsacid dynasty ruled in Armenia, Persia, Atropatene, Iberia, and Caucasian Albania. The Parthian branch of the Arsacids (250 BC – 224 AD), having liberated Persia from the Greco-Macedonian dynasty of the Seleucids, proclaimed its connection with the legendary kings …

Zeytun Uprisings – 1877-1878, 1895

Zeytun Uprisings - 1877-1878, 1895

The Zeytun uprisings in 1877-78 and 1895 marked the struggle of the Armenians of the Zeytun district against Turkish despotism. Since the second half of the 19th century, the Turkish government has resorted to drastic measures to eliminate the semi-independent position of Zeytun located in Western Armenia. In as early as 1862, these actions provoked …