Day: January 29, 2019

Moritz Wagner on Vasily Behbutov – Books Don’t Talk About This

Famous German traveler, biologist, and geographer Moritz Wagner during his trip to the South Caucasus visited Armenia and spent some time in Yerevan in 1843. In his books “Journey to Ararat and Armenian Highlands” and “Journey to Persia and Kurdistan”, he described his impressions about Armenia. “During my three-year wanderings in Asia, I received and

Woolly Mammoths Have Lived in the Armenian Highlands

An interview with Yevgeny Mashchenko, Senior Researcher at the Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Yevgeny Nikolayevich, what is the reason for the interest of paleontologists in Armenia and our entire region? “Armenia is a part of the Asia Minor region and therefore is of particular importance in the study of zoogeography and