Day: February 1, 2019

Objective idealist David the Invincible – Armenian Philosophy

Objective idealist David Anhakht or David the Invincible (6th century) was a great representative of Neo-Platonism in Armenia. His writings combine the teachings of classical Platonism with the teachings of Pythagoras and Aristotle. In his works “Analysis of the Introduction of Porphyry” and “Definitions of Philosophy”, many questions are raised about the nature of philosophical

The Greatest Strength of Armenia Lies in Education

The 2014 interview of the President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York Vartan Gregorian allows us to evaluate what has been achieved and what has been lost since then. In my opinion, today, the education of Armenia is going through its most difficult times in the recent history since the realities of what is

Buzand Yeghiaian – Witness to the Three Periods of the Armenian Genocide

Buzand Yeghiaian (1900 – 1995) was an Armenian intellectual, teacher, historian, editor, and an outstanding public figure who had a great contribution in the field of education and culture of Armenia. Yeghiaian authored numerous historiographic, pedagogical, theological, and religious books, as well as plays, poems, and standalone articles. Being a renowned teacher, he gave lectures