Day archives: February 6th, 2019

Photo of Armenian Orphans in a Syrian Refugee Camp

Photo of Armenian Orphans

The photo depicts a line of Armenian orphans holding their daily ration of bread. The photo was taken by Leopold Kashchik, the Polish employee of Danish missionary Karen Jeppe. Kashchik also photographed the Armenian refugee camp in Aleppo on the instructions of Jeppe. Karen Jeppe attached such photos to the letters which she sent to …

Mushegh Mamikonyan and King Pap Celebrate Victory in the Battle of Dzirav – 16th-Century Miniature

Mushegh Mamikonyan and King Pap

In this 16th-century miniature are portrayed Sparapet (commander) Mushegh Mamikonyan, King Pap, and the soldiers of the Armenian cavalry detachment. This miniature illustrates the great victory of the Armenians over the Persian army of Shapur II in the Battle of Dzirav in 371 AD. Thanks to this victory, Pap returned the marginal territories that had …