Day: February 8, 2019

The Plan of Stalin, Bagirov, and Beria to Destroy Armenia – 1953

In the summer of 1933, Ruben Gukasovich Rubenov (Ռուբեն Ղուկասի Ռուբենով) was replaced by Mir Jafar Bagirov at the position of the first secretary of the Azerbaijani Communist Party. This appointment could not take place without the assistance of Beria and the consent of Stalin. During his twenty-year rule (1933-1953), Bagirov presented himself as the

The Last Photograph of the Children of the Mush Orphanage – 1915

These children with carefree faces and naive eyes in the photo were the Armenian inhabitants of the Mush orphanage. In the center is their mentor Margarita. The photo was taken by an employee of the Organization of the Scandinavian Mission and missionary Bodil Katharine Biørn. Prior to the tragic events of 1915, Biørn worked in