Day: February 13, 2019

The Christian Cross for Armenians is a Symbol of Love and Salvation

On September 16, the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates one of its five major church holidays – the Feast of the Cross (Armenian: Khachverats). Khachverats is celebrated in the memory of the return and glorification of the Life-Giving Cross of the Lord. The Armenian Church celebrates this feast on the Sunday between September 11 and 17.

Northeast Yerevan in the Era of the Artashesids – Avan-Arinj

In 2010, the Museum of History of Yerevan hosted the presentation of the book “Northeast of Yerevan in the era of Artashesids” authored by renowned archeologist and researcher at the Academic Institute of Arts Ara Demirkhanyan. For almost 30 years, the author has been engaged in finding an answer to a question that is highly