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In Memory of Vahan Teryan – How Stalin Got Rid of the Great Poet

In Memory of Vahan Teryan

Armenian poet Vahan Teryan was born on January 28, 1885, into the family of a priest in the village of Gandza, Tiflis Governorate, Russian Empire. In 1899, Teryan entered the Lazarev Institute of Oriental Languages in Moscow. Together with his friends, Teryan published the hand-written newspaper “Nadezhda” in the institute. He wrote editorials for the …

Frunze Dovlatyan – Scriptwriter, Director, and Actor

Frunze Dovlatyan

Frunze Dovlatyan began his “stage activity” at the age of 12. Even then, the future screenwriter, director, and actor created his own scripts and together with his siblings embodied them on the improvised home theater stage. Growing up, Dovlatyan worked as an actor in provincial theaters and in the Sundukyan Armenian State Theater, from the …

Armenia – Ancient Necropolises Nerkin and Verin Naver

Armenia – Ancient Necropolises

Nerkin Naver is located 3.5 km west of Ashtarak on the southern slopes of Mount Aragats. And although the tumuli field was discovered in 1978, excavations began only in 2002. The necropolis is preserved almost in its original form. Here, archaeologists have discovered the oldest pagan temple dating to the period of the Kingdom of …