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Simon Vratsian on the Uprising of February 18, 1921

Simon Vratsian on the Uprising

As a result of a powerful popular uprising on February 18, 1921, the rebels occupied Yerevan and declared the restoration of the independence of the Armenian republic. A governmental body titled Committee for the Salvation of the Fatherland was created. It would be headed by Simon Vratsian. “Yerevan is already decorated with only the Armenian …

“Ruins of Armenia. Ani” – The First Photo Album of the Ancient Capital by Hovhannes Kyurkchyan – 1880

“Ruins of Armenia. Ani” – The First Photo Album

Hovhannes Kyurkchyan was the first Armenian photographer to shoot Ani and to make the first photo album with its sceneries. The unique card compilation “Ruins of Armenia. Ani” (“Ruines d’Arménie. Ani”) was printed in Vienna, but the title page of the compilation and stereoscopic maps contain the name of Kyurkchyan’s hometown Yerevan. The inscriptions to …