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Catherine’s House – Sarıkamış, Kars Province

Catherine's House – Sarıkamış, Kars Province

On the outskirts of the city of Sarıkamış in the Kars Province (now located in the territory of Turkey) – a picturesque place on the edge of a pine forest – there is one interesting historical structure. Residents of the city and travel agencies call this building Catherine’s House. This one-story Baltic-style structure made of …

Zabel Yesayan – Innocent Victim of the Stalin Regime

Zabel Yesayan – Innocent Victim of the Stalin Regime

The elimination of writers was a priority both during the Armenians Genocide of 1915 and during Stalinist repressions which began in 1937. It was precisely because of the enormity of the Stalinist regime that famous writer Zabel Yesayan turned silent forever. Zabel Yesayan, a gifted novelist who is regarded as the female equivalent of Armenian …