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Unique Photo of Sose Mayrig and Dro

Unique Photo of Sose Mayrik and Dro

We present to your attention a unique historical photograph. It depicts Sose Mayrig (Sose Vardanian), the widow of the legendary hero of the national liberation struggle of Western Armenia Aghbyur Serob. Next to her is the last military minister of the First Republic of Armenia Drastamat Kanayan (Dro). This photo was taken in Cairo in …

Heghine Chaush – A Symbol of the Armenian Struggle

Heghine Chaush

Armenians have always belonged to those peoples who fought for their liberty with weapons in their hands. Unfortunately, during the decades of Soviet power, we developed a complex of an “eternal victim”, which was finally overcome in the early 1990s thanks to the victory in the Artsakh war. The photo above shows one of the …

Wedding Traditions and Matrimony in Sasun

Wedding Traditions and Matrimony in Sasun

In Sasun, especially during celebrations and pilgrimages, girls braided their hair in forty braids and decorated their heads with wreaths woven from evergreen mountain flowers. They dressed up so well that they drove the guys crazy. More than decorations, the brave men of Sasun valued girlish beauty, shyness, and modesty. “The girl, blushing with shame, …