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Quintus Curtius on Armenia and the Armenian Highlands

Quintus Curtius on Armenia

“The route to there goes through a steppe. The area between the Euphrates and Tigris is so fat and abundant that it is said that cattle are driven away from there not to die from over-satiety. The reason for such fertility is irrigation: the moisture from the rivers through water-bearing veins is spread throughout the …

Hnevank Monastery – The “Old Monastery”

Hnevank Monastery – The “Old Monastery”

Translated from Armenian, “Hnevank” means “old monastery”. And this is a very appropriate name. The exact date of the construction of this monastery is unknown. According to some sources, one of its churches was restored in the 12th century. However, judging by its architecture, its first church was built around the 7th century. This dilapidated …