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The Tragic History of Gethsemane Chapel in Yerevan

The Tragic History of Gethsemane Chapel

In 1929, one of the churches of Old Yerevan, Gethsemane Chapel, was dismantled. In its place would be built the Yerevan Opera Theater. In 2007, a khachkar (cross-stone) was installed in the building in memory of Gethsemane Chapel that had existed for several centuries. It is thought that from at least the 3rd century, a …

Events and Facts from the Russo-Turkish Moscow Treaty of 1921

Events and Facts

On March 16, 1921, the Moscow Treaty was concluded between the nationalist government of Turkey and Bolshevik Russia. One of the results of this treaty would become the division of Armenia between Russia and Turkey. American politician, US ambassador to Germany in 1913-1917, and Democrat James Gerald (1867-1951) wrote: “On March 16, 1921, the Bolsheviks …

Lessons of History – Memoirs of Alexander Khatisian

Lessons of History – Memoirs

Below, we present the memoirs of the Prime Minister of the First Republic of Armenia Alexander Khatisian on the difficult situation in which Armenians ended up as a result of the Russian-Turkish war. He also covered the lack of prudence of the Russian side towards Armenians and the justified caution of the Georgians. “In 1915, …