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English Travelers in Karakilisa – 1812-1817

English Travelers in Karakilisa

English diplomat James Morier in 1812, on the way from Tiflis to Tehran, made a stop in Karakilisa (present-day Vanadzor). Morier writes in his notes: “The houses in Karakilisa, like all the houses in this country, are underground. Karakilisa is a small village that, except for being an outpost for the Russian army, is of …

The Armenian Gymnasium of Venice

The Armenian Gymnasium of Venice

In 1834, in accordance with the testament of two very rich Armenian merchants Rafael and his son-in-law Murad, the Mekhitarist Order established the Muradian Gymnasium in the Italian city of Padua in the region of Veneto. In 1836, the Rafaelian Gymnasium was established in the Venetian palace Bezaro. In 1850, the gymnasium was moved to …