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The US Military on Guard of Armenian Orphans – 1919

The US Military on Guard of Armenian Orphans

By order of US President Woodrow Wilson, the US military was engaged in organizing the protection of Armenian orphans during the Armenian Genocide, as well as the delivery of humanitarian aid and other vital issues. During this period, the US government and private organizations allocated colossal funds to build orphanages for tens of thousands of …

Mozart’s Letter in the Museum of Yerevan

Mozart's Letter in the Museum of Yerevan

A letter written by Mozart on the night of July 4, 1778, is now kept in the Museum of Yerevan. To whom and about what does the world famous composer write, and how did the letter appear in Armenia? In Paris in 1778, several hours after the death of his mother, famous Austrian composer Wolfgang …

Rosy Armen – French Grace and Armenian Temperament

Rosy Armen – French Grace

Rosy Armen was born in Paris. In the creations of the singer, the French elegance and the solar temperament of her ancestors’ homeland, Armenia, were combined organically. Like all the famous singers of France, Rosy Armen began singing in cafes. This was preceded by classes at the conservatory and then her first tentative steps — …