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Ancient Step Pyramid Discovered in Armenia

Ancient Step Pyramid

For several years now, the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia has been conducting a number of archaeological excavations in the villages of the Ararat Valley. This year, investigations led the archaeologists to an unusual structure which was built in the 3th-2th millennia BC. Interestingly, the structure in …

Hollywood Star Eric Bogosian

Hollywood Star Eric Bogosian

Hollywood star and activist of the US Armenian community Eric Bogosian was born on April 24, 1953, in Woburn, Massachusetts. His father was a native of the city of Kapan, Zangezur, and the mother was from the city of Van, Western Armenia. Eric Bogosian says that he never celebrates his birthday because April 24 is …

Woodrow Wilson’s Request to the US Congress to Grant a Mandate Over Armenia

Woodrow Wilson's Request to the US Congress

Message from US President Woodrow Wilson to Congress requesting the authority of the United States to adopt a mandate for Armenia. May 24, 1920. “Dear congressmen, On May 14, the Presidential Commission received an official message from the Secretary of the United States Senate, containing the following preamble paragraphs and resolutions: Because the evidence provided …