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Demolition of Ancient Buildings in the Amberd Fortress Area

Demolition of Ancient Buildings

Who are these “people” who give permission for vandalism, thus making it legal? Who are these “people” who mercilessly destroy their own culture, if it is even theirs? Who are these “people” who consider themselves masters of the oldest buildings that have been standing for thousands of years and with which they have nothing to …

Sam Chikejian – A Boy From Canada – A Warrior Of World War I

Sam Chikejian – A Boy From Canada

Born in Armenia but living in the Canadian city of Brantford during World War I, Sam Chikejian was the youngest soldier from that city who fought and perished in the war. The local newspaper Brantford Expositor dedicated an article to this young soldier. According to the publication, Chikejian was determined to voluntarily enroll in military …