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Vatican Tried to Stop the Armenian Genocide

Vatican Tried to Stop the Armenian Genocide

According to the Italian TV channel Rome Reports, researchers of Vatican archival documents on the Armenian Genocide published the first book about the attempts of Pope Benedict XV and his curia to stop mass slaughters in the Ottoman Empire. The publication presents a chronological story about what measures the nuncio (the official diplomatic representative of …

Varazdat Kazanjian – Founder of Plastic Surgery

Varazdat Kazanjian

The basis of modern plastic surgery was laid at the beginning of the 20th century, and the American-Armenian surgeon Varazdat Kazanjian is considered one of its key contributors. Varazdat Kazanjian was born on March 18, 1879, in Erzincan (historical Western Armenia, now Turkey). At the age of 5, the boy witnessed the beginning of the …