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Armenia Is a Wonderland – Rockwell Kent

Armenia Is a Wonderland

“Armenia is a wonderland… If asked where any more miracles can be found on our planet, I would name, first of all, Armenia… One can hardly be surprised that in such a small corner of the world, one can meet such monuments and such people that can become an ornament and an object of pride …

The Leaders of the Recalcitrant Zeytun

The Leaders of the Recalcitrant Zeytun

On the photo above are the leaders of the 1862 Zeytun uprising – Prince Ghazar Shovroian, Priest Movses Khachukents, and Prince Astvatsatur Yenitunian. The city and province of Zeytun were located in the Highlands of Cilicia, at an inaccessible height, 40 kilometers northwest from the city of Marash. For almost two and a half centuries, …