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Armenia During the Achaemenid Empire

Armenia During the Achaemenid Empire

According to ancient Greek sources, the territory of Armenia under Achaemenid rule was divided into two administrative units (satrapies). For two centuries, Armenia has paid a large tribute with gold and horses to the Achaemenids, which testifies to the country’s economic prosperity. Considering the military power of the Armenian dynasty of Yervandunis (Orontids), the Persian …

The Term “Urartu” Originated From A Linguistic Error

The Term “Urartu”

In the 20th century, many propagandists from history (as I call such historians) questioned the work of Movses Khorenatsi, which no one has considered legendary and unreal in world historiography until the end of the 19th century. I am talking mainly about the first chapter of Khorenatsi’s “History of Armenia” based on the works of …