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Monuments of Armenian Architecture – Aghitu Memorial

Monuments of Armenian Architecture

Among the monuments of Armenian architecture of the 5th-7th centuries, steles and memorial buildings occupy a special place. The 6th-century memorial to Orbelian Princes in Aghitu causes more admiration than any other monument of this kind. The stele of this monument would be replicated in the architecture of the towers and two-story mausoleum monuments of …

Armenia in The 11th-14th Centuries – Seljuk Turks

Armenia in The 11th-14th Centuries

In the 1040s, Armenia, as we have seen, fell under the rule of Byzantium. However, the Byzantine rule turned out to be short-lived. Soon, the Seljuk Turks from the Central Asian nomadic tribes appeared in Armenia, who in a short time took possession of its vast territories and created a major power. The Seljuk Turks …

Urartu, The First Armenian State – David Marshall Lang

Urartu, The First Armenian State

The past existence of the Kingdom of Van was discovered thanks to Armenian historian Khorenatsi’s manuscripts, in which he referred to the kingdom as an Armenian state. An excerpt from “Armenia: Cradle of Civilization” by late oriental scholar David Marshall Lang, which was renamed (censored) “Armenia: Creator People” by Georgian editors and published in the …