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King Artavazd II – Poet, Prose Writer, And Historian

King Artavazd II – Poet

On the pediment of the Armenian Drama Theater in Yerevan, a bas-relief of King Artavazd II was carved in recognition of his achievements in the development of Armenian theatrical art. A son of Tigran II, Artavazd, according to Plutarch, wrote tragedies, odes, and historical narratives in Greek. In fact, Artavazd was the first Armenian playwright. …

Ancient Sources About Artsakh as Part of Armenia

Ancient Sources About Artsakh

Strabo (c. 64/63 BC – c. 24 AD). “Cyrus (Kur River) originates in Armenia, immediately enters the indicated plain, and, taking into itself Aragon (Aragvi) flowing from the Caucasus and other tributaries, pours into Albania along a narrow river valley. The abounding river runs between it [Albania] and Armenia through the rich pastures of the …