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Hranoush Bey – Founder of Boxing Shows in the US

Hranoush Bey – Founder

The book “Madame Bey’s: Home to Boxing Legends” tells about America’s most famous boxing club in the 1940s and its founder, Armenian emigrant Hranoush Bey, writes NewJerseyHills. “This book is dedicated to one of the most popular boxing clubs of the last century, where, for the first time in America, spectacular fights between professionals have …

Yerevan – Gilbert Sinoué

Yerevan – Gilbert Sinoué

“Look at these houses at the foot of the mountains! Here lived the Aparajyans, Shavroyans, Yakubyans, and many others, your brothers, sisters, and mothers by blood. That was hundreds of years ago. People have a short memory, but the earth does not forget anything. It keeps traces of our ancestors, our Armenia.” “Armenia?” asked surprised …

Ancient Sources About Artsakh As Part of Armenia – Part II

Ancient Sources About Artsakh II

Cassius Dio (155 – 235 AD). “[Resolving matters in Armenia], he [Pompey] overwintered in the Anahitida district (in Akilisen) and near the Kournas River, dividing the troops into three [parts] and receiving from Tigran many different [supplies] and money, much more than the set [amount]. However, he did not manage to spend the winter quietly …