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Ancient Sources About Artsakh As Part of Armenia – Part III

Ancient Sources About Artsakh III

Ashkharatsuyts (Geography, 7th Century). “Utik stretches along the entire length of the right bank of the Kur River from Gugark (Gogarene) to the confluence of Araks and Kur. But we will tell about the actual country of Albania, which is located between the great Kur River and the mountain Kakaz.” Sebeos (7th century). “Vahram Chubin …

Unique Shots of the Armenian Genocide – Silent Witnesses

Unique Shots of the Armenian Genocide

For the average viewer, this scene is reminiscent of the consequences of a war or a terrifying natural disaster. However, Armenians will unmistakably recognize in these frames Armenian children, almost certainly orphans, who are being boarded on the ships leaving the Turkish port in Constantinople. Climbing the steep ladder, kids are pushing and throwing each …