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Emma Darling Cushman – Savior of Thousands of Armenian Children

Emma Darling Cushman

Pupils of the Mayetta School in Kansas prepared a documentary about an American nurse who had saved thousands of Armenian children orphaned during the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey. This nurse was Emma Darling Cushman, reports cjonline. After the government of the Ottoman Empire commenced its policy of expelling “foreigners” from “its” territory, Cushman remained …

The Cilician School of Miniature

The Cilician School of Miniature

Armenian miniature and book art reached the peak of their development in Cilicia in the 13th century. The Cilician school was formed in the 12th century and existed until the 1480s. During this period, talented artists like Grigor Mlitsi, Kostandin, Vardan, Kirakos, Hovhannes, Toros Roslin, Grigor Pitsak, Sargis Pitsak, and Hovhannes Arkayeghbayr worked in the …