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David Bek – “The Naive Armenian”

David Bek – "The Naive Armenian"

“And the Armenian, the naive Armenian, always remained faithful, was always devoted and sacrificed himself for the sake of others. Without worrying about his house, forgetting about his own troubles, he lived by other people’s interests. He left the ruins of his country to build other palaces. This is our disease. We do not know …

The Gulbenkian Library in Jerusalem

The Gulbenkian Library in Jerusalem

The Armenian quarter in the Old City was formed in the 12th century when the Cathedral of Surb Hakobyants was built. Later, the Surb Toros Church was erected as well, in which handwritten books of the Jerusalem Patriarchate of the Armenian Apostolic Church began to be collected. For a long time, Patriarch Yegishe Turyan had …