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The Fleet of the Cilician Armenian Kingdom

The Fleet of the Cilician

The Cilician fleet was one of the components of the army of the Cilician Armenian Kingdom (1080–1375). The supreme commander of all the armed forces of the country, including the navy, was the king. The commander-in-chief was the sparapet-constable. Cilician Armenia had its own military merchant fleet. Armenian merchants – also ship owners – were …

The Khachen Principality and the Hasan-Jalalyan Dynasty

The Khachen Principality

The Mongol invasion caused a social and economic catastrophe in Armenia. The peasantry was exterminated or expelled. The aristocracy broke up and economically weakened. Cities were deserted. The ethnic integrity of Armenia was violated by the influx of nomadic Turkic and Kurdish tribes, as well as due to the exodus of the country’s indigenous Armenian …