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The History of the David Sasunsky Tank Regiment – 1943

The History of the David Sasunsky

The David Sasunsky (David of Sasun) was a tank regiment formed during the Great Patriotic War (the Soviet theater of WWII) with funds raised by the Armenian Diaspora and transferred to the 119th separate tank regiment that fought in the Second Ukrainian Front. The regiment was named in honor of the character of the medieval …

Armenian Commanders of Byzantium

Armenian Commanders of Byzantium

Nerses (Narses) was a commander and influential courtier of Byzantium of Armenian descent under Emperor Justinian I. Along with Belisarius, he was one of the first great generals of the early Middle Ages. In 535, the leaders of the Constantinople and Alexandrian patriarchates were removed from position simultaneously. A series of displacements of the patriarchs …