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The Regular Army of Ancient Armenia

The Regular Army of Ancient Armenia

The regular army of ancient Armenia was one of the main elements of the ancient Armenian society and state. The first written sources, testifying to the creation of Armenia’s permanent and regular army, refer to its military art in the middle of the 6th century BC. According to sources, already then, the Armenian army had …

Monastery of Kusanats-Anapat – Avetaranots Village

Monastery of Kusanats-Anapat

Among the monuments of the village of Chanakhchi (Avetaranots) in Shusha district, the Kusanots (Kusanats-anapat) monastery is of particular interest. It is located southwest of the village on a steep cape. The monument from the west was fortified with a massive fence, from which only a few sections of dilapidated towers remain. From the inscription …