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The Unsilenceable Belfry – Paruyr Sevak

The Unsilenceable Belfry

The poem “The Unsilenceable Belfry” is the most significant creation of the great Armenian poet Paruyr Sevak. It revives the tragic fate of an outstanding musician, composer, scholar, and great son of the Armenian people Komitas. At the same time, this is a poem about the high and difficult quest of the Armenian people on …

The Demolition of the Armenian Heritage in Azerbaijan

The Demolition of the Armenian Heritage

The young Christian and democratic state of Artsakh continues to oppose Azerbaijan, a Muslim quasi-monarchist dictatorship of the Middle Eastern type, whose economy is based on oil production. Since the late 1960s, Azerbaijan has been ruled by the Aliyev clan founded by Heydar Aliyev, a KGB general who, after being elected the first secretary of …