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Monastery of Holy Virgin, Neghuts, Armenia

Monastery of Holy Virgin, Neghuts

The Monastery of Holy Virgin is located 1 km northwest of the village of Arzakan. It consists of a church, a porch, and a separate chapel. Arzakan was known as Artavazdakan in the Middle Ages. This village is famous for its numerous hot springs. Near the monastery is a cemetery rich in khachkars. The church …

The Flower Festival Tsaghkazard in Ancient Armenia

The Flower Festival Tsaghkazard

The festival of flowers in ancient Armenia, Tsaghkazard, was celebrated according to the ancient sacred calendar of Hayk in the month of Aekan on the day of Lusnak (May 13). The holiday of flowers was and is a holiday of nature’s prosperity, a holiday of solstices. On the night before the holiday, the constellation of …

Adana – History of the Historical Armenian City

Adana – History

Modern Adana is among the ranks of the developing cities in Turkey. It is unlikely that its current residents know the true history of the city which was one of the main settlements of Cilicia and until the 1930s played an exceptional role in the lives of the Armenians of Cilicia. Even after the massacres, …