Day archives: July 4th, 2019

Komitas Performed by Japanese Musicians

Komitas Performed by Japanese Musicians

Japanese musicians Amy Matsubara and Toshiko Ono impressed the Internet by performing works of the great Armenian composer Komitas. To the accompaniment of pianist Takahiro Akiba, who, by the way, had been in Armenia more than once, the musicians performed “Oh Nazan” and “Dle yaman”. Their performances were published on the webpage of the Komitas …

Aytsemnik – Armenian Warrior and Military Leader

Aytsemnik – Armenian Warrior

Aytsemnik’s character is extremely important in Armenian history and ideology. In the Soviet years, the study of her heroic biography was part of the school curriculum. Unfortunately, at the moment, interest in her figure has waned. And this threatens oblivion to her not only as an interesting historical person but also as an example of …

The Production of Armenian Brandy – Secrets of Ararat

The Production of Armenian Brandy

It would seem that not a single drink can compete with brandy made in France. But the history of the production of Armenian brandy proved the opposite. The production of the Ararat brandy is unquestioningly following the traditions and standards of the brandy business, as well as is an example of incessant pursuit of perfection. …