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Mamrot Kar Waterfall – Artsakh, Armenia

Mamrot Kar Waterfall – Artsakh, Armenia

The Mamrot Kar waterfall is also known as Hovanots or Shushva Umbrella. The root of the waterfall is a deep water source originating in the stone of the canyon, which gives rise to a continuously running waterfall in the form of a huge umbrella covered with moss (“mamur” in Armenian, hence the name “Mamrot Kar”, …

Azerbaijan – Turkey’s Clone With Innate Expansionism


The Azerbaijani state was created by the Turks in the image and likeness of the Ottoman Empire. Its aggressive expansionist policy towards the Armenians is a direct consequence and manifestation of the nature of this state created by alien conquerors from Asia. The policy of genocide and ethnic cleansing carried out in the Ottoman Empire …