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Ashkharhazhoghs – Democracy in Ancient Armenia

Ashkharhazhoghs – Democracy

The references to democracy in Ancient Armenia through the Ashkharhazhogh conference (Armenian: World Assembly) are preserved in the writings of Romano-Jewish historian Josephus from the 1st century AD. In the pre-Christian era, the Ashkharhazhogh conference was usually convened every year on Navasard holidays at the sanctuary of the Vanatur temple in Bagavan located at the …

Another Armageddon in the Culture and Architecture of Armenia

Another Armageddon in the Culture

The photograph below shows a medieval bridge built in Oshakan by Nahapet of Edessa in 1691-1706. Under the bridge, modern hustlers mounted a swimming pool, turning the historic place into an entertainment and recreational area. It would be great to know who is the author of this monstrous “masterpiece”. It remains only to place dressing …

Methods of Turkification in the Ottoman Empire

Methods of Turkification

During the Armenian Genocide, various methods of punishment and violence were used against Armenian orphans in Turkish orphanages. This again indicates that Islamization and renaming were carried out by force. The first important condition for admission to an orphanage was renaming. Almost all orphans mention this in their memoirs. Garnik Banyan who had lived in …